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Looking for a great pizza experience or simply just needing to feed the family? Well, we’ve also got you covered for pick-up and delivery! Simply decide what you are in the mood for and feel free to contact us at 707-446-8400. If you need help, view our menu page for suggestions or we can share our favorites with you.

Napoli Pizzeria Vacaville also offers an effective and convenient delivery service. Organizing a Business Luncheon? We can handle that too! Whether you just got home from work or are staying at a local hotel- relax and let one of our friendly delivery drivers bring it to you. We practice necessary credit card fraud prevention so feel free to order whatever you like and have peace of mind as we can process you order over the phone for credit card purchases.

Please keep in mind that during normal lunch and dinner hours, pick-up times can vary from 20-30 minutes, and for delivery we try to average 45 minutes. This is only an estimate and due to your specific location and/ or time of day, it can vary. Delivery times can take longer. Allow our delivery personnel to bring your pizza or pasta order in a safe manner and enjoy!

We understand that this experience should be the highlight of your day! Be sure to leave the porch light on for the evening hours:)

Napoli of Vacaville Delivery Area

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